About Me


About me:

Guess I’m kind of an expert in cultural analysis or what I like to call Armchair Anthropology.   I’ve delivered lectures at Oxford University, the European Union in Skopje, Humboldt University Berlin and the London College of Fashion on topics related to Popular Culture and Musicology, as well as appearing on the BBC World Service in panel discussions.

I’ve presented regular radio shows on Oxford’s Destiny 105FM and Totnes’ Soundart Radio 102.5FM and written Economics Features for The Voice newspaper and a plethora of local and specialist magazines.

Having formerly been an academic, lecturing in British Culture and Civilisation at Boulogne (France) and Eichstaett (Germany) Universities, I am now living the good life in deepest Devonshire, trying to be as self-sufficient as possible and writing poetry in my spare time. I do freelance work as a reader for the German start-up Blinkist, a role which basically involves getting paid to read self-help books and summarise them… Nice work if you can get it!

One of my proudest achievements was helping to set up The Dalai Lama Centre For Compassion, a research centre closely tied to Oxford University which is involved in valuable outreach work spreading compassion and other concepts related to positive psychology. I’m not especially Buddhist, but it was pretty cool to meet the Dalai Lama twice.

Finally, I guess I should mention my DJing… I have been involved with many successful club nights and soundsystems over the years, including The Disco Shed (Latitude, Bestival), Twat Boutique (XOYO, Dalston Superstore), Itchy Feet (Thekla, Motion), Hodgepodge Festival and many more

About This Blog
This blog has gone through various incarnations, depending on what I’m interested in at the time, I suppose.
Some of the highlights include some pretty useful travel advice for Europe, where I lived for three years.  All of my Europe posts were written pre-Brexit, which feels kinda weird now.
There are some opinion pieces on cultural trends and politics which are pretty well-researched, but hardly get any views, haha.
Then there are some lifehacks, too..

Stalk me on the interwebs:
Twitter: @kerrysmallman
Email: kerrysmallman (at) hotmail (dot) com


2 responses to “About Me”

  1. Xonikk says :

    Loving this, https://soundcloud.com/bass-avenjah/disco-the-pain-away-free,

    Would like to remix if possible.

    • kerrysmallman says :

      Great! The track is actually a bootleg version of “Fuck The Pain Away” by Peaches.
      You can probably find the acapella online somewhere, or email me at kerrysmallman at hotmail com x

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